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How to Celebrate Diwali in India 2019

How to Celebrate Diwali in India 2019 - Hello friends in this post I am going to share how to celebrate Diwali in India. Friends Diwali is one of the biggest festival in India.

No matter if you are Hindu, muslim, punjabi, marathi, gujarati we all celebrate Diwali irrespective of the religion and language.

It is is the festival for which billions of indians wait for every year and it it usually comes in October month.

This year diwali is on 27th of October 2019. Today in this post we are going to share some tips on how you can celebrate Diwali in India.

So without wasting any further time let's start this post

How to celebrate Diwali in India

How to celebrate Diwali in India 2019

How to celebrate Diwali in India









1. Celebrate eco friendly diwali

Friends you must be knowing that burning crackers during Diwali is a very big problem in terms of pollutions it creates.

So we must always support and celebrate Diwali in eco friendly way as much as possible.

It doesn't mean that you cannot burn crackers on Diwali but you can do it in in limitation so that it does not affect aur pollution in a bad way.

2. Send Happy Diwali wishes

On diwali festival you must send happy Diwali wishes to your family members and loved ones and they will really appreciate it.

Diwali is a festival of happiness so we have to to wish our family members and friends a very Happy Diwali.

You can wish them by sending happy Diwali shayari, happy Diwali wishes on Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also share happy Diwali shayari images and photo with them.

It is very good way to wish our loved ones happy Diwali.

3. Where new clothes

We all wait for this festival to come each and every year so show on Diwali we must wear new clothes no matter you are your boy or girl, men or women everybody must wear new clothes in Diwali festival.

Because this is the day of of showing happiness to everybody and bringing new joy in our life.

During the days of Diwali in India you will see that all the markets are always overcrowded because there are so many people who are shopping and doing lots of thing.

So it is a great time to do shopping since during Diwali time you will be able to grab many discount offers in shopping malls.

And it is also the very best time to go travel with your whole family and do lots of shopping.

4. Eat sweets

Since in Diwali our whole family members and relatives are very happy so we must eat sweets and share sweets with others.

In India mostly in Mumbai during the Diwali festival week many housewife make karanji, chakli, namkin etc in their homes and share this sweets and karanji in their society.

Final words

So friends these were the few ways in which you can celebrate Diwali festival in India in eco friendly way.

If you like this post then please share with your friends and family members and also read our other post. And last but not the least we would like to wish you and your whole family members a very happy Diwali from our team.